Fancy life comes with exclusive satisfaction that most people desire to achieve in life. After achieving it in life it’s always good to get out and visit places that are worthy the achievement. Destinations that would blow your mind with luxuries living and fun would be a major concern for everybody. There are so many places to visit but making the decision on which destination is worthy it might be a challenge. Any time you think of fancy destination the following three cities should always be on top of your list. They will leave you with amazing experiences that you can never get anywhere else in the world.

  • Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Dubai is the city designed, developed and constructed by the rich for the rich. Few Decade ago it was a bare sand desert but today it’s the home for most amazing structures and buildings that attracts millions of visitors to Dubai yearly. This desert city got its massive wealth from oil mining which authorities used to develop the infrastructure and followed by the rich constructing out of the world structures in Dubai. Dubai visitors and residents are known for vast spending in buying exotic automobiles. Shopping at fancy designer boutiques and taking trips on luxurious yacht takes the routine of the day which makes Dubai not a perfect destination for budget travelers. In Dubai you also get a chance to spend and sleep in the world’s tallest building hosting the Burj Al Arab hotel which many refer to it as a 7-Star hotel. Here a night costs only $20,000 and enjoy sky view from the 160 stories man-made complex on the planet.

  • Paris, France

When you hear of Paris the first thing you think of is the sophistication and luxury of the city. This is the home for world’s purveyors of cultural zeitgeist and a preferred city by many in the west. The caviars, wines and cheeses are the norm of the people and visitors of Paris. Paris hosts headquarters of major fashion on the world such as Lacoste, Dior and Chanel which makes it the world’s fashion capital. The city host most extravagant real estates and it is a city where most of wealth is where most wealth is concentrated. Paris is a city where you can visit and do all fashion shopping and come out with the best outfits in the world.

  • Monaco

Monaco is a royal principality hosting amazing and fancy activities on the French Riviera which makes it a gorgeous destination. Surrounded by mountains and beaches it is known for the fancy living of its people. Its cost of living and lifestyle is fancy and is also glamorous. The residents and the visitors are characterized by driving most expensive and fancy cars in the world. This two-square-kilometer sized city boast of its dazzling architecture and the vivid blue sea. These are among the reasons why it draws the attention and attract the world richest to visit and also stay here. In Monaco gambling just like most of fancy city is the norm of the day. In this city every three people, one of them is a millionaire. This is a city with most expensive sports cars and bouts. Visiting this city would be an eye-opening and get a chance to meet and network with the world riches.

Life in fancy cities will give anyone a challenge to keep on working hard and become successful in life. This is because the cities offer amazing experiences that are exclusive to the rich people and that are far better than anybody would wish to have. The cities offer the experience of life in the high end, and you can always expect the cost of living be worthy the amount of money spent on them.